Usury is commonly known as "underground money house". Most lenders are far-fetched, but it does not blatantly write the three characters of "usury", mostly in the form of a small company without a business license, or on the surface of a legitimate company. As a cover, but privately engaged in high-profit loans, their common point is: blindly advocating, squatting people to borrow, not assisted by professionals to make loans or debt planning. People often fail to make loans to banks or use them for a moment, and they fall into the trap without knowing it. They are tortured and regretted afterwards.

Recently, Keelung cracked a case of operating a loan shark in a pawn shop. The victims were all in Taiwan. Even if someone borrowed 10,000 yuan, they even got 160,000 yuan to get rid of it. But even worse, some people not only borrowed money after the loan. A number of times of the amount, but also due to the provision of a non-essential document such as a deposit book and a financial card, from the victim to the head of the account accomplice, together with the law, and the party is still a US master. Not only in this case, in recent years, there are many high-intelligence victims in fraud cases, and their camouflage methods are difficult to distinguish. Especially when people are facing difficulties, they often lack the usual judgment. Plus the criminals will swear that everything is reasonable, so that people are not suspicious. In the end, I was caught in an incomprehensible situation.

As a professional financial advisor, the company has always been based on the brand philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm and innovation". Over the years, it has assisted customers in solving various financial problems. Here, we remind you how to make a smooth loan and self-protection, and obtain financial and life freedom:
1. Legal business registration certificate
According to the law, "legal business" includes the "business registration" (ie, the registration of profit-making business) under the authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (or the competent authorities of the counties and municipalities), and the "tax registration" of the Ministry of Finance (or the competent authority of each county or city government). Two requirements. You can also enquire about the company by "Company Name or Uniform Number" in the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Industrial and Commercial Enquiry System. If it is "Line No.", it will be queried by the local county and city government industrial and commercial enquiry system with "name or uniform number". In addition, other relevant information should be open and transparent, so that people can understand the nature of their company and the operation process, and create a convincing and secure feeling.

2. Operating years, popularity and evaluation
In addition to business registration, further can be based on the company's operating years, objective evaluation and social visibility as a reference.

3. Contractual guarantee
The contract has a certain review period and there is no need to sign it immediately. Therefore, it is necessary to read it carefully and carefully. It is important to see the provisions, especially the interest rate, amount, date and other data and the confidentiality of the individual assets. If the content has violated the existing laws, Don't sign, you can also consult a trusted professional to check. In the case of a personal loan, you only need the ID of the photocopy or the relevant information. Do not hand over other non-essential personal documents such as financial cards to the other party to avoid becoming a head-end account or involving illegal activities. After the signing, the contract should be properly retained as a post-mortem to protect itself.

4. Fees are clearly defined
Some companies will say a set in advance, and then use other unreasonable names to increase the fees, so that the lenders have the feeling of being deceived, but it is because the business process has been implemented, and even threatened and intimidated, inconvenient to recover, they have to swallow. A legitimate company should explain the customer clearly before signing the contract, and specify the amount, conditions and methods of the charge on the contract. It should be fully described in various situations to avoid tampering or stealing the project afterwards, resulting in unnecessary losses for the lender. Therefore, if the confession is unclear, the meaning of the text is vague or the legal evidence cannot be presented, it is necessary to raise the alert and review it again, or seek assistance from relevant professionals.

Loans are to solve life problems. If they create another big problem, which makes people lose money or violates the law, they will lose more. Therefore, careful selection of credit loan objects, detailed inquiry details, confirmation of contract content, more than one review, one more guarantee, and successful loan success, is a good way to solve the problem.